More Duluth MN Tourism Hotspots

Duluth MN Tourism landmarks don’t stop at the Aerial Lift Bridge or even at the entire Top 20 Duluth Attractions! Truth be told, there are hundreds of places you can visit in Duluth and have a great time. Some are the typical places you’ll see in any other city. While other special places are unique to Duluth and add to the charm that defines the city.

The best thing about it? Many of these special places aren’t necessarily the biggest, most visited landmarks. Nor are they obvious or things that jump out at you from the page. They are secluded gems found by people when they least expect them! Maybe a hiking trail on the hill, a shopping mall or a theater. The point? Well, keep your mind open and when it comes to Duluth MN Tourism, there’s no wrong place to visit!

Here are the categories where you can find many Duluth MN Tourism Hotspots:

Duluth Movie Theaters

Duluth Performing Arts Options

Duluth Recreational Trails

Duluth Shopping Malls and beyond

Duluth Bowling Alleys and much more to come!!!