Duluth Web Cams

Each Duluth Web Cam on this page lets everyone witness the constantly changing weather and the mystical qualities that make Duluth such a wonderful place to visit. Being able to see the seasons change remotely is a great treat.

Most of these web cams highlight just that, the beauty of Lake Superior and the city itself. Amazingly, one of these Duluth web cams is high above the ground in a Peregrine falcon nesting box atop a stack at a power plant. Trust me, you’ll be glued to the computer during nesting season and even after the chicks are hatched, it’ll put a smile on your face to watch them grow.

FYI, when you come to this page, the picture you see in the web cam will be current. However, it won’t reload here instantly. To see the reloading images, you’ll have to click on the link or the corresponding image to go to the site where the web cam is hosted…

Here are the Duluth Web Cams:

WDIO-TV Harbor Cam

WDIO Harbor Cam- Duluth Web CamThis Duluth Web Cam offers a view of the Duluth Harbor. You can see some of the Canal Park area with the lighthouse and Lake Superior in the background.
Live WDIO Web Cam

WDIO-TV Tower Cam

WDIO Tower Cam- Duluth Web CamThis cam offers a very nice view of the city. It is located high up on WDIO-TV’s tower on Observation Hill. It definitely offers a perspective known to very few people.
Live WDIO Web Cam

Lake Superior Marine Museum Web Cam

Lake Superior Marine Museum- Duluth Web CamThis cam offers a great view of the entrance to Duluth Harbor. The web cam is located at the Marine Museum right next to the Aerial Lift Bridge. It is especially fun to watch ships coming into the harbor during the shipping season.
Live LSMMA Web Cam

Lake Superior Marine Museum – Aerial Lift Bridge Web Cam

Lake Superior Marine Museum- Duluth Web CamThis cam offers an amazing view of the Aerial Lift Bridge! The web cam is located at the Lake Superior Marine Museum, which is right next to the Lift Bridge. It’s a ton of fun to watch the bridge lift for ships.
Live LSMMA Web Cam

Solglimt: A Lakeshore Bed & Breakfast Web Cam

Solglimt Bed and Breakfast- Duluth Web CamThis Duluth Web Cam offers an amazing view of the Duluth Harbor entrance. The view comes from Solglimt Bed & Breakfast, which is located on the lakeside of Park Point.
Live Solglimt Web Cam

Lake Cam from Allete (Minnesota Power) Headquarters

This is a southeast view from downtown Duluth. In the foreground is the Canal Park area. Past which, you see the piers of the canal opening, the lighthouse and beautiful Lake Superior. This cam is located at Allete’s Headquarters, which is at the intersection of North Lake Avenue and West Superior Street.
Live Allete Web Cam

Falcon Cam from Minnesota Power

This is the view of a Peregrine falcon nesting box. It is high up on a stack at Boswell Energy Center in Duluth. It’s a lot of fun to watch this cam during nesting season and beyond.
Live Falcon Web Cam

More Duluth Web Cams to check out:

UMD Campus Web Cams

On UMD’s site, there’s a variety of web cams from around the campus in Duluth.

We all hope there’s more web cams around Duluth, Minnesota to come!