The Great Lakes Aquarium

When you drive along I-35 going north through downtown Duluth, on your right you’ll see the famous Aerial Lift Bridge. Just before the bridge is a multi-colored, irregular shaped building. That is the Great Lakes Aquarium. Mostly a freshwater aquarium, it features animals and habitats found within the Great Lakes region. It also houses some species from the Amazon River. There’s a great revolving exhibit that features out of the ordinary species; recently it was the salt-water “Seahorse Secrets” and was a huge success.

Amazing Duluth Aquarium

The Great Lakes Aquarium has onsite daily interpretive educational programs. Anyone can join in, from school groups to regular patrons. It is a fun learning experience while watching the fish and animals eat and play. There are even some hands-on exhibits, such as the warm water stingray pond and the coldwater sturgeon tank. The stingray is from the Amazon and isn’t harmful, as they cut his barbs periodically. There is also a magpie and a variety of snakes to keep everyone entertained. The river otters swim and frolic, with feeding time is especially fun for all ages!

Local rivers, such as the St. Louis and Baptism, have shared some of their inhabitants with this Duluth Aquarium. Trout species, such as rainbow and brown, are among the many seen swimming in the tanks. The “Feed -a-Fish” program allows the public to help defray the costs of roughly $30,000 per year to feed the critters that call the aquarium home.

This Duluth Aquarium even has a one-of-a-kind diving expedition waiting if you are scuba certified. You may go in the tank with a diver to swim with and feed the fish. A memorable moment in the local media was a wedding proposal from a gentleman who held up a sign from inside the tank while his girlfriend was there to watch the normal feeding frenzy. It turned out to be more than she bargained for!


Internships are available as well. There is a general internship, which provides experience in a variety of teaching settings. A summer camp internship teaches the intern how to develop a summer camp from start to finish. And the Beach Sweep internship, which helps the intern coordinate a beach clean-up each summer and is held in partnership with the Ocean Conservatory. All of these are well attended and will help the future of our natural resources and environmental awareness.

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The Great Lakes Aquarium is even available to rent for weddings, birthdays, and overnight stays. There is also a private party room and all you need to do is contact them and they will arrange everything else for you.

Duluth’s Aquarium is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, and the cost is as follows: Adults $14.50, Children 3-17 $8.50, Seniors 62+ $11.50 and children under 3 free. I would suggest visiting the official Great Lakes Aquarium website if you want additional information.

Duluth is very diverse as far as tourist attractions go and the Great Lakes Aquarium is an example of that. It is a stunning visual delight and a wonderful learning experience for visitors of all ages.

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