All the Duluth Restaurants

For Duluth Restaurants, like the rest of, we don’t want to give you the names and locations of only a few of them. We want to provide you with all of the dining options available throughout the whole city. This is not a Duluth Dining Guide, but more of a listing of where you can eat in Duluth.

And because you’re visiting Duluth and likely have no idea where most, if not all, of these restaurants are, we’ve provided a comprehensive map of all the restaurants listed on this site. TIP: if you want to find a particular restaurant on the map, just click where it says to “view larger map”. A Google Maps window will open up and on the left, there is an alphabetical listing of all the places to eat in Duluth.

We chose to list all the Duluth restaurants because if we hadn’t, it would be because we took money from the ones that were listed or we were picking favorites. That’s not the case and that’s not how we operate here at! We are here for you: the users of this site and future visitors of Duluth.

By listing all of the Duluth MN Restaurants, we are leaving it in your hands. If you have eaten at any of these places before, everyone would greatly appreciate it if you could comment on your experience, good or bad. What did you eat? Was it any good? What was the atmosphere like? Is it better for families or a couple? And so on and so forth. All the information provided by you goes a lot farther than if we were to say it. Thanks in advance for any comments or opinions you’ve chosen to share with all of us.

Here are the Duluth Restaurants broken down by Nationality:

Duluth Asian Restaurants include Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese Restaurants.

Other International Restaurants in Duluth include Greek, Indian, Italian and Mexican Restaurants.

And, here are the Duluth Restaurants serving American Food.

For those of you looking for a specific type of food, check out these pages:

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Duluth Steak Houses & Seafood Restaurants

Restaurants in Duluth serving Vegetarian Food

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick meal while in Duluth, these pages will help you:

Fast Food Restaurants in Duluth

Duluth Restaurants offering Takeout