Duluth Recreation Trails – Hike Duluth!

Amazing Duluth recreation trails are everywhere in this city. You’ll be missing out on one of the greatest parts of your vacation if you don’t get out on the trails and Hike Duluth! Many of these trails are up on the hill so the vistas from the middle of the wilderness are breathtaking to say the least.

Many of these trails aren’t just for hiking! Many have beautifully paved trails; adequate for rollerblading, biking and more. Some even offer horseback riding!

The trails are listed with their location, what type of recreation they offer, how far the trail is and what experience level it is catering to.

*If the trails length is measured in Kilometers (K), that is indicating that it’s a groomed ski trail (groomed by the city of Duluth) during winter months. As such, a Minnesota Ski Pass is required to ski on those trails. During non-winter months, these trails are available to the public for hiking.

For more information about these Duluth Recreation Trails or where to find a ski pass, visit Duluth’s Official Web Site – Duluth Recreation Trails Section.

Congdon Park Trails
32nd Ave E & E Superior Street
2 Miles – Easy

Chester Park Trails
1800 E Skyline Parkway
Hiking and skiing
3K – Challenging

Duluth Lakewalk
On the lakefront: from Canal Park to 27th Ave E
Biking, hiking, inline skating, walking and jogging
4.75 Miles – Easy

Lakewalk Extension
From 27th Ave E to 47th Ave E
Biking, hiking, inline skating, walking and jogging
2 Miles – Easy

Grassy Point Trail
In Saint Louis Bay: trail begins at end of Lesure Street
1 Mile – Easy

Hartley Park Trails
Fairmont Street & Woodland Ave
Biking, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing
5.9K – Various Levels

Hawk Ridge Trails
Skyline Parkway: East of Glenwood
5 Miles – Intermediate

Kingsbury Creek Trail
7210 Fremont Street
1.3 Miles – Challenging

Lester Park Trail
60th Ave E & E Superior Street
Mountain biking, hiking and skiing
*Amity Creek Trail has horseback riding
15K – Beginner-Advanced

Lincoln Park Trail
N 25th Ave W & W 3rd Street
1.5 Miles – Easy

Magney-Snively Trail
9900 Block of W Skyline Parkway
Hiking, skiing and horseback riding
14K – Intermediate-Advanced

Mission Creek Trail
Hwy 23 & 131st Avenue W
Biking, hiking and horseback riding
3.25 Miles – Challenging

Park Point Trail
On Park Point: trail begins at the end of Minnesota Ave
Hiking and snowshoeing
6 Miles – Intermediate

Piedmont Trail
Adirondack Street & Hutchinson Road
Hiking and skiing
4K – Beginner-Intermediate

Superior Hiking Trail
Jay Cooke State Park to Martin Road
40 Miles – Advanced

Western Waterfront Trail
7300 Grand Avenue
Biking, hiking and skiing
5 Miles – Easy

Enger Park Golf Course
1806 W Skyline Parkway
Ski-joring (available winter only)
4K – Easy

Lester Park Golf Course
1860 Lester River Road
Ski-joring (available winter only)
4K – Easy